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The Sequoia Council sponsors a Popcorn fundraiser each year. The money raised from the annual popcorn sale benefits both your unit and Scouting throughout the Council. Some of the benefits of participating in the popcorn sale are: No financial risk to your unit (payment is not required until the unit has had an opportunity to sell and deliver its product), organizational support to the unit provided by the Council and financial benefit to both the unit and the Council. We are gearing up for our 2015 Popcorn Campaign and getting ready to start off with a bang!!First and foremost, Congratulations to all of you who participated in our 2014 Popcorn Campaign.You all did awesome and as a result, the Sequoia Council paid over $100,000 in commissions WOW!

Below are the top selling units from each district:

District Unit Chartered Partner Show and Sell Take Order Combined Sales Total Commission Earned
San Joaquin Pack 59 Clovis Elks Lodge 2599 $23,600.00 $7,788.00
San Joaquin Pack 301 Holy Spirit Catholic Chruch $14,550.00 $7,788.00
Thunderbird Pack 119 Webster Parents Teacher Club $6,155.00 $2,031.15
Thunderbird Troop 118 Kiwanis Club of the Ranchos $6,125.00 $2,205.00
Riverbend Pack 402 Knights of Columbus $16,715.00 $5,515.95
Riverbend Pack 400 First United Methodist Church $13,225.00 $3,976.50
Live Oak Troop 317 Visalia United Methodist Chruch $19,555.00 $7,039.80
Live Oak Pack 267 St. Rita’s Knights of Columbus #9648 $8,890.00 $2,933.70

Will your unit be at the top of the list this year? Remember the purpose of the popcorn campaign is to have a ZERO out of pocket PERFECT year of Scouting!!!

We have the tools needed for your unit’s success!!!

Popcorn Training Kits, Popcorn Samples, and the New $600 Club Prizes are in-house ready for the Popcorn Training Extravaganza.

Never lose a sale because your customer says “Sorry, I don’t have any cash!” Now you can accept credit cards with SQUARE!

Let us help you earn up to 36% commission by following the new 2015 Popcorn Campaign Commission Structure below.

2015 Popcorn Campaign Commission Structure

30% Base Commissioner
2% Bonus earned by Pocpron Kernel attending one of Seven Popcorn Trainings Extravaganzas
3% Bonus if your unit selcts to opt out of the prize program
1% Bonus Commission if SHow & Sell AND Take Orders are paid in full by 5:00 PM Friday, December 4th, 2015

Plus! Unit growth incentive!

Earn 50% commission on any sales growth. New units also qualify for this special offer. Learn more at the popcorn Training Extravaganza.

What is your first step? Recruit a unit Popcorn Kernel!! We strongly recommend that the Popcorn Kernel be someone other than the unit leader. Popcorn Kernel should attend one of six Popcorn Training Extravaganzas in order to earn the bonus 2% commission. At this event you will be able to sample some tasty popcorn, set your unit popcorn goal, plan your unit kick-off, pick-up your order forms for your scouts and enjoy some refreshments, fun, and fellowship.

We will have 2 distribution sites again this year and addresses will be forthcoming.

We have assigned units as follows:

Fresno Distribution Center Visalia Distribution Center
San Joaquin District
Thunderbird District
Live Oak District
Riverbend District

If you wish to change your pick-up location, please contact your District Executive for assistance by calling the Fresno Service Center (559) 320-2100, Visalia Service Center(559) 732-3424 or via e-mail as listed below.

District Contact E-Mail
San Joaquin Michael Foster
San Joaquin Cynthia Ruiz
Thunderbird Priscilla Cullers
Riverbend Bobby Mollison
Live Oak Erin Hayden

Have fun and let’s get POPPIN!!

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© 2021 Sequoia Council BSA - Boy Scouts of America
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